(In-Person) Fall Workshop Series – Racialization and settler complicity: The complicated interface of migration, colonization, and Indigeneity in Canada

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A workshop series held by the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education and the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-being, in partnership with the Centre for Migration Studies.

This fall, we are excited to partner with the David Lam Chair and the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-being to hold a series of three connected workshops focused on articulating the tensions, paradoxes, and multiple and moving layers of complexity that exist at the interface of Indigeneity and migration in what is known as Canada, where settlers can be both subject to and complicit in the violence of different forms of colonialism through day-to-day actions.

The workshop series invites and equips participants (racialized and non-racialized) to expand their capacity for difficult conversations about settler-Indigenous-land relationships, where racialization confers different tensions, roles and accountabilities.

The workshops are held using the “depth inquiry” method, a mode of conversation that creates an educational space where people can learn and unlearn through experiences of psychological dissonance, or “difficult knowledge”.

What is depth inquiry?

Depth inquiry aims to expand our collective capacity to hold space for difficult collective challenges without feeling overwhelmed, immobilized or demanding quick fixes or rescue from discomfort. Depth inquiry is a generative process to open up possibilities for expanded relationships based on trust, respect, reciprocity, consent and accountability.

Modern/colonial education conditions us to think, feel and imagine in particular ways that are very limiting in our current context and that leave us intellectually and psychologically (emotionally and relationally) unequipped to address complexity and social and ecological crises and catastrophes. Depth inquiry invites participants to observe, to be sceptical about, to dis-invest in those patterns and to develop the stamina for “staying/sitting with” and “holding space for” complexities, tensions and paradoxes. Participants are encouraged to talk to each other in and through (ludic) metaphors that allow for psychoanalytic distancing.

Participation Requirements and Information

  • Due to limited space, and because a complex and at times emotionally difficult space will be shared, the series is designed for all participants to attend the 3 workshops. Please see the dates and times below.
  • Applications will be reviewed and approved by the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education and the Centre for Migration Studies.
    • Please note: applications that do not confirm availability for the 3 workshops will not be considered.
  • We are expecting a higher number of applications than available spaces. We hope to offer similar workshops in the future for those applicants who cannot be accommodated this time.
  • Please hold all dates in your calendar until you are informed of the outcome of your registration (mid-August).
  • This is an in-person only workshop series. A light lunch at the beginning of the session will be provided.


Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC Vancouver campus.

Dates and times

First session:               September 23, 2022   12-2pm

Second session:          October 21, 2022        12-2pm

Third session:              November 18, 2022    12-2pm

If you are unable to make these dates but are interested in participating, please let us know at admin.migration@ubc.ca. We will keep you in mind for future similar workshops.

How to apply

Deadline: August 25, 2022

Please complete the form below to submit your registration for the workshop series. Note that registration itself does not guarantee a space at the event.

Please hold the workshop dates in your calendar until we inform you of the outcome of the registration process (mid-August).

Application/Registration Form 

Please note that applications are now closed.