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Dr. Ajibola Fabusuyi

Ph.D Student

Faculty of Arts

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies

I am a PhD student in Germanic Studies at the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, UBC Vancouver. I am a former Lecturer of German at the Department of Foreign Languages, Obafemi Awolowo University, where I had earlier completed a PhD in German Language and Linguistics (2017).

My research interests include Translation Studies, Comparative Literature and German as a Foreign Language. Currently, I am working on the evaluation of German translations of the works of migrant writers of Nigerian descent. I am investigating how the translations affect the message of the works, in terms of style and content. My latest book chapter is entitled “Afrikanische Texte und verfälschte Übersetzungen: Grenzen und Möglichkeiten der Übersetzung anglophoner westafrikanischer Literatur” in Lügen, täuschen und verstellen, München: Iudicium 2019: 148-162. I am a fellow of African Humanities Program of the American Council of Learned Societies.