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Douglas Ober, PhD

Research Associate, Research Coordinator, Sessional Lecturer

Faculty of Arts

Migration Cluster, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

I am a historian of South Asia, colonialism and of Buddhism, particularly during the 17th - 20th centuries. My broader research interests include the history of colonialism in Asia, transnational movements, religious nationalism, and Dalit studies. I have also written for public media on various Asia-related issues including self-immolation in Tibet, foreign diplomacy in India and Hindu art exhibitions in the US. My current research includes a SSHRC funded research project on “The Pathways and Politics of Return: Trans-Regional Perspectives on a Buddhist Homeland”; a history of Buddhist revival in colonial and early postcolonial India; and a collaborative inquiry into Hindutva politics and temple architecture in 20th century India. I am also a Research Associate in the Centre for India and South Asia Research, part of the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, and a Sessional Lecturer in the Department of History, and Department of Asian Studies.