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Dr. Jennifer Ma

Postdoctoral Fellow

Faculty of Arts

School of Social Work

My research focuses on systemic oppression and addressing social inequalities through a critical, anti-colonial framework and multi-method approach. I am interested in equity for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities and building resilience in our communities. I have collaborated on community engaged participatory action research focused on migration, specifically forced displacement, place-making, and research creation. Currently, I am the Principal Investigator on a SSHRC funded project, "Building solidarity among emerging BIPOC academics, practitioners, and activists: Select topics on migration," that draws on and bridges together the work and lived experiences of emerging BIPOC academics, practitioners, and activists to foster new and evolving critical perspectives on migration. As part of the research, a workshop will be held focusing on anti-colonial and anti-racist narratives in migration studies, policy-making, activism, and practice, shifting to transformative healing and culturally relevant interventions. I am also a Postdoctoral Teaching & Research Fellow at the School of Social Work.