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Louisa-May Khoo

Ph.D Student

School of Community and Regional Planning

I was involved in planning practice, urban research and public policy formulation in Singapore for many years. My research interests navigate the intersections between marginalization, urban policy, and social justice in cities. As Senior Assistant Director with the policy research think-tank - Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), Singapore, I led the housing and social research teams, focusing on issues relating to planning, affordable housing, immigration and diversity. Having been awarded the International Doctoral Fellowship by UBC, I moved to Vancouver in Fall 2018 to extend my work with marginalized communities, exploring how pre-arrival stories of refugees shape their post-arrival settlement experience. In particular, I am interested in how refugees navigate trauma through their everyday life towards thinking about more effective planning strategies to improve their settlement experience. In so doing, I hope to build bridges between planners and related health and social work practitioners in this area.