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Dr. Sara Shneiderman

Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts

School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, Anthropology

I am a sociocultural anthropologist whose ethnographic research focuses on mobility and citizenship across Himalayan borders between Nepal, India, and Tibetan areas of China. I am also interested in comparative theoretical discussions regarding borders, citizenship, and identity, with a focus on understanding how top-down policies collide with practices from below. I also work with community organizations representing the Himalayan diaspora here in Vancouver, including the Nepal Cultural Society of BC and the Tibetan Cultural Society of BC. My current research portfolio includes a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant entitled, “Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction,” which seeks to understand how mobile livelihoods and labour practices intersect with social transformation in the wake of political and environmental upheaval; and a NASA-funded grant in collaboration with colleagues at Yale University on Urbanization, Land Use Change, and Migration in the Himalayas.