UBC-Community Research Collaborations

The Community-University Partnerships research group has a series of community research collaborations with various partners and organizations.

Discover each collaboration and learn about their work with each community partner.


The partnership between S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and UBC was established to generate and share evidence about the state of multiculturalism in Canada. As the partnership developed, research projects have been conducted to understand the policies, services, professional learning, and democratic participation available to immigrants and refugees across the country.

Visit the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. page to learn more about our partnership.


MOSAIC and UBC developed a community-university partnership to support newcomers’ interactions with information, media, and digital technologies. Together, they developed a research partnership that explores questions centred around refugees’ and newcomers’ experiences with misinformation, online privacy, and security. The goal of their research is to inform and improve practical guidance on information literacy for refugees and other groups.

Visit the MOSAIC page to learn more about our partnership.

Storytelling For Change

Storytelling For Change was a filmmaking campaign created by various partners including MOSAIC, Options Community Services, and the UBC Centre for Migration Studies, to name a few. The objective of the campaign was to have youth across Canada create short films around diversity and migration topics. As part of the campaign, youth participants were offered mentorship with experts from the filmmaking community to help with their submissions.

Visit the Storytelling For Change page to learn more about our partnership.

Community-UBC Refugee & Migration Working Group

The Community-UBC Refugee & Migration Working Group connects members from across sectors and agencies who work collectively to inform public knowledge, practice, and research. Each partner shares resources, space, ideas, and networks to pursue the goals of the group. Given these strengths, this Working Group is well positioned to meet emerging needs about what has been missing in narratives and research on migration, and how to address myths and misinformation about immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented peoples.

Visit the Community-UBC Refugee & Migration Working Group page to learn more about our partnership.

Experiences of Francophone Immigrants and Refugees in BC

This partnership investigates the social and cultural integration of Francophone immigrants settling outside Quebec in Anglo-dominant environments. Through research projects, they aim to understand how the geographic, historical, and political context shapes the experiences of Francophone minority and newcomer communities in BC.

Visit the Experiences of Francophone Immigrants and Refugees in BC page to learn more about our partnership.

Options Community Services

The UBC Centre for Migration Studies and Options Community Services recently partnered on a unique participatory initiative called The Co-Created Story Project.

The project’s goal was to create an opportunity for OCS frontline Immigrant Services (IS) staff to collaborate with newcomer clients in a safe space where clients could tell their stories about their migration journey or their newcomer experience in Canada.

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