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Using Memoranda of Understanding for Community-University Partnerships

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a statement of cooperation between collaborators. As a formal agreement, MoUs can help advance collaborators' efforts by providing a shared understanding of the purpose and goals of a partnership. UBC Migration’s Community-University Partnerships Working Group and its partners developed an MoU approach to support work within the context of migration and settlement in 2019.

The MoU approach is designed to support stakeholders to communicate about their interests, values, and constraints when forming and engaging in a research project. The approach provides guidance on developing MoUs, an MoU template and example, and background on why and how this approach was developed. It is hoped that this MoU approach, as an open and flexible resource, will be adapted by groups wishing to use it, and will be revised to fit the specific needs of a diversity of partnership projects.