Book Launch

Friday April 30, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

A Companion to Greeks Across the Ancient World, edited by Franco De Angelis for the series Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell Publishers, 2020), pp. xxvi, 554, 15 maps, 26 figures, 3 tables.

Mobility, migration, and diaspora have become central themes in the humanities and social sciences, and the study of the ancient Greeks as a history of mobility and connectivity is no exception. A new story about the ancient Greeks has emerged, one which recognizes that about one-half of all ancient Greeks actually lived outside Greece. This story stretches from Provence in the far western Mediterranean to Afghanistan in central Asia, encompassing such regions as Italy, Libya, the Black Sea, and Middle East in between. These cities have traditionally been labelled “colonies” and treated in a secondary and negative manner, but such old thinking has given way to postcolonial and postmodern questions and approaches.

The book being launched at this event takes stock of all these developments and ambitiously gathers and analyzes the largest ever body of historical and archaeological data on the subject. It shows how a seemingly well-trodden subject like the ancient Greeks can still be opened up to new horizons in research. Invited panelists will critically engage the book’s contents to begin the conversation: Megan Daniels (Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Material Culture, UBC); Franco De Angelis (Professor of Greek History and Archaeology, UBC); Thomas Schneider (Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies, UBC); Ben Winnick (PhD Student, CNERS, UBC); Tamar Hodos (Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Bristol).

E-book available to registered users of UBC Library.