During the first year of the certificate program, students are expected to complete the 1-credit, year-long core research seminar, ASTU 505, taught by the CMS Co-Directors.

Additionally, certificate students are required to complete 9 credits of graduate-level coursework from the approved course list at some point during their degree program.

  • 3 of the 9 credits must be from outside the student’s home department
  • Where departments open up 400-level courses to graduate students, certificate students may take 3 of the 9 credits at the 400-level
  • Any number of the 9 total credits may also be applied to the requirements for the student’s graduate degree program, at the discretion of their graduate program director
  • Approved courses that are completed as part of the student’s graduate degree prior to enrolling in the certificate may be counted towards the 9 credit requirement, subject to approval of the certificate program director

The courses listed below are approved electives for the Certificate program in 2024/25. Please note that course availability changes from year to year, and the course list will continue to expand (given the multidisciplinary nature of migration studies). See Previous Course Offerings for other examples.