Episode 22: If Not Gender Mainstreaming, Then What?: Gender Equality and Migrant Integration in the EU

Gender equality has been a policy goal of EU and other government institutions for over 30 years. Yet the gains in gender equality and women’s rights have been tenuous at best, with the COVID-19 pandemic only making things worse – particularly for migrant women. In fact, socio-economic outcomes for migrant women in the EU have lagged significantly behind those of men and of native-born populations since long before the pandemic. As Dr. Rachel Minto and Dr. Jasmijn Slootjesexplain, the intersections of sex, gender, and migration are critical for understanding why these inequalities persist. How do policies of gender equality and migrant integration interact, and how can the unrealized revolutionary approach of gender mainstreaming be activated within institutional policy approaches? With guest host and CMS affiliate, Thea Bracewell.


Learn more about Dr. Jasmijn Slootjes

Jasmijn Slootjes (2022) The COVID-19 Catalyst: Learning from Pandemic-Driven Innovations in Immigrant Integration Policy

Jasmijn Slootjes & Maria Belen Zanzuchi (2022) Promoting Evidence-Informed Immigrant Integration Policymaking

Learn more about Dr. Rachel Minto

Rachel Minto & Lut Mergaert (2018) Gender mainstreaming and evaluation in the EU: comparative perspectives from feminist institutionalism

Rachel Minto & Lut Mergaert (2021) Gender mainstreaming in the European Commission

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