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Dr. Megan Daniels

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Arts

Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies

My research focuses on cross-cultural interaction in the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia over the Late Bronze and Iron Ages (ca. 1500-500 BCE). A major component of these broad interests involves interdisciplinary approaches to the study of ancient migration, approaches which help us understand human development through migration and mobility and not through discrete cultures. This focus has resulted in an edited volume, soon go to into press: Homo Migrans: Modelling Mobility and Migration in Human History. This volume investigates the long and problematic engagement of archaeology with the study of “cultural groups” and capitalizes on recent advancements in genetics and other hard sciences, as well as evolving interests in ancient globalization and interconnectivity. I continue to build a research profile that includes a historiography of migration studies in archaeology over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a means to articulate the relationship between archaeological studies of migration and broader public and political sentiments towards migrants.