Event Recordings

Missed a CMS event you really wanted to attend?

When possible, we record our public events to ensure they reach a wide audience even after the event has taken place!

All recordings can be found on our YouTube Channel and are also listed below:

April 28, 2022
The Power of Narrative Storytelling 

Speakers: Amea Wilbur, Zahida Rahemtulla, Emily Amburgey, Shanga Karim, Diary Khalid Marif and Camille McMillan Rambharat

April 27, 2022
Afro-Chinese and Sino-African Media Flows in the Digital Space: A Story of Asymmetrical Proportions

Speaker: Dani Madrid-Morales
Moderator: Gaoheng Zhang

April 5, 2022
Exploring Systemic Barriers to Economic Security of Racialized Newcomer Women and their Overcoming Strategies

Speakers: Nasim Peikazadi, Monika Imeri, Roxana Fazli and Serah Gazali

March 28, 2022
The Guitar in the Ceiling 

Speaker: Susan McDonald and Meer Mahmoud
Moderator: Nancy Clark

February 11, 2022
Virtual Talk with Dr. Lisa Richlen: Ethnic Identity as a Strategy for Dealing With Uncertainty Darfurian – Sudanese Asylum Seekers in Israel as a Case Study

Speaker: Lisa Richlen
Moderator: Dr Antje Ellermann 

February 7, 2022
Extending the reach of academic research through photovoice

Speaker: Dr Sharon Koehn
Moderator: Dr Nancy Clark

February 4, 2022
Toward Indigenous Resurgence & Settler Decolonization 

Speaker: Dr Shauneen Pete

January 20, 2022
Discussion of Transformative Narratives from an Indigenous, Jewish and Immigrant Perspective

Speakers: Jules Koostachin, Kristi Pinderi, Mohamed Amjahid, and Max Czollek
Moderator: Markus Hallensleben

November 30, 2021
Modern Slavery and Constructions of Undocumented Vietnamese Migration in the UK

Speakers: Tamsin Barber
Moderator: Anne-Cecile Delaisse

November 23, 2021
The Co-Created Story Project

Speakers: Andrea Solnes and Diana Jeffries

November 18, 2021
Examining the Representation of Refugees through the Lens of Decoloniality

Speaker: Roger Bromley
Moderator: Markus Hallensleben

November 9, 2021
Migration and Pandemics

Speaker: Dr Chinmay Tumbe
Moderator: Douglas Ober

October 13, 2021
Migration without Mobility: Vietnamese Migrants in Russia

Speaker: Dr Lan Anh Hoang
Moderator: Anne-Cecile Delaisse

October 7, 2021
Are participatory arts-based methods culturally safe?

Speaker: Dr Caroline Lenette
Moderator: Nancy Clark and Natasha Damiano

September 24, 2021
How ancient DNA revived ancient migrations in archaeology

Speaker: Dr David W. Anthony

September 29, 2021
The Language Around Migration

Panelists: Rebecca Hamlin, Stephanie Schwartz, Kelsey Norman, Elizabeth Wellman and Lama Mourad
Moderator: Yang-Yang Zhou

April 30, 2021
A Companion to Greeks Across the Ancient World

Panelists:  Megan Daniels,  Franco De Angelis , Thomas SchneiderBen Winnick and Tamar Hodos

April 14, 2021
Face and the ethics of the refugee selfie

Speaker: Dr Lilie Chouliaraki

April 13, 2021
How does the subaltern speak?

Speaker: Dr Myria Georgiou

April 8, 2021
Other Europes in Moments of Post-Otherness

Speaker: Dr. Regina Römhild

March 29, 2021
Mexico’s New Slavery: A Critique of Neo-Abolitionism to Combat Human Trafficking

Speaker: Dr. Grace Peña Delgado

March 8, 2021
Re-Settler Society: Refugee sponsorship as Canadian Narrative

Speaker: Dr. Audrey Macklin

March 4, 2021
The politics of South-South migration

Speaker: Dr. Nikhar Gaikwad

February 26, 2021
Social exclusion, symbolic boundaries and convivial labour in East London

Speaker: Dr. Susanne Wessendorf
Moderator: Lisa Akinyi May

February 22, 2021
Local Suffrage Increases Citizenship Acquisition: Evidence from the EU

Speaker: Dr. Hannah Alarian

February 19, 2021
On the road: Mobility and social differentiation

Speaker: Dr. Claudia Moatti

February 10, 2021
Situating Intersectionality in Migrant Health

Speaker: Dr. Denise L. Spitzer

January 29, 2021
Viral Borders

Speaker: Dr. Nicholas De Genova

Dezember 1, 2020
Bordering the pandemic

Speaker: Dr. Asha Kaushal & Dr. Bethany Hastie

November 12,  2020
Deconstructing Eurocentric politics of belonging

Speaker: Markus Hallensleben

November 6,  2020
Rethinking the Road: Autoethnography, Memory and Transient Landscapes

Speaker: Dr. Lynne Pearce

November 3,  2020
Améliorer l’inclusion au sein des espaces francophones minoritaires

Speaker: Suzanne Huot & Anne-Cecile Delaisse

October 29,  2020
Does corrective information change public attitudes toward immigration?

Speaker: Dr. Xiaojun Li
Hosted by: Richard Johnston

October 16,  2020
Canadian migration during and after the pandemic

Speaker: Dr. Dan Hiebert

September 25,  2020
Mobility Justice, Climate Migration and the Lessons of Pandemic (Im)Mobilities

Speaker: Dr. Mimi Sheller

July 21,  2020
Understanding Social Participation Opportunities for Immigrants

Speaker: Suzanne Huot

July 23,  2020
Introducing: UBC Migration