2023 CMS-Sector Research Collaborations Day


Antje Ellerman, Co-Director of UBC Centre for Migration Studies, and Katie Crocker, CEO of AMSSA, standing at a desk facing the audience during the 2023 Research Collaborations Day.

Antje Ellermann, Co-Director of UBC Centre for Migration Studies, and Katie Crocker, CEO of AMSSA, warmly welcoming participants to the 2023 Research Collaborations Day.

On October 26th, 2023, the UBC Centre for Migration Studies, in partnership with AMSSA (Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Services Agencies of BC), hosted the inaugural Research Collaborations Day between the Centre and the Metro Vancouver Immigration and Settlement Sector.

Centered on the themes of Decolonization and Mutual Understanding, the event sought to establish a robust foundation for long-term relationships between CMS researchers, graduate students, staff, and organizations in the settlement sector. A keynote speaker, thematic panels, group activities and reflection opportunities sparked collective discussions that served as a launchpad for CMS and its Community Advisory Board (CAB) to propose and develop collaboration ideas.

Details on the focus areas and the collaboration framework’s development, along with information gathered from participants, can be accessed through the following links:

A collaboration framework between the UBC Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) and BC’s Immigration and Settlement Sector is currently under development, drawing upon CMS’s extensive engagement efforts since its inception and insights gathered from the Inaugural Research Collaborations Day.

This framework is envisioned as an interactive and collective resource:

  • It is meant to evolve through collective dialogue, partnerships, and events such as the upcoming CMS-Sector Research Collaborations Day.
  • Upon launch, users will be able to navigate its sections to discover ongoing collaborations and access streamlined processes, simplifying connections and clarifying collaboration parameters.

Curious about the 2023 CMS-Sector Research Collaborations Day? Check out our event gallery below!