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Visit our People section for a complete listing of all UBC Centre for Migration Studies Faculty, Staff, partners, and collaborators.

Antje Ellermann
C.K. Choi 322
T: 604-822-4359

Gabriele Dumpys Woolever
Research Manager, Programs and Initiatives
C.K. Choi 326

For inquiries regarding any programs and initiatives, research projects, internal competitions and awards, as well as requests for co-sponsorships and partnerships (including financial support), new events, visiting scholar appointments, and affiliations

Atmaza Chattopadhyay
Program and Administrative Assistant
C.K. Choi 324

For inquiries regarding the events calendar, coordination and scheduling, and questions about the status of reimbursements and/or other financial processes

Marie Frileux
Communications Specialist
C.K. Choi 322

For inquiries regarding communications, website and affiliate profile updates, newsletters, social media promotions, and media relations

Sean Lauer
Community Liaison
AnSo 3111
T: 604-822-1609

Javier Ojer
Engagement Strategist
C.K. Choi 323

For inquiries regarding research collaborations with BS’s Immigration and Settlement Sector, including our annual CMS-Sector Research Collaborations Day, and our work on Decolonization and Indigenous-Settler Strategic initiatives

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Centre for Migration Studies, University of British Columbia
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324 – 1855 West Mall
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z2, Canada

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