Congratulations to Gaoheng Zhang and Helena Zeweri for their recent publications!

Gaoheng Zhang (Associate Professor, Italian Studies) has contributed to and edited a book titled “Cultural Mobilities Between China and Italy” which was published on October 11, 2023. This book offers a critical analysis of global mobilities across China and Italy in history. In three periods in the twentieth century, new patterns of physical mobilities and cultural contact were established between the two countries which were either novel at the time of their emergence or impactful on subsequent periods.  In analyzing these cultural mobilities, this book opens a new line of inquiry in Chinese-Italian Cultural Studies, which has been dominated by historical study, and contributes a significant case study to the scholarship on global cultural mobilities.

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Helena Zeweri (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) has published a book titled “Between Care and Criminality: Marriage, Citizenship, and Family in Australian Social Welfare” on December 15, 2023. This book examines social welfare’s encounter with migration and marriage in a period of intensified border control in Melbourne, Australia. It offers an in-depth ethnographic account of the effort to prevent forced marriage in the aftermath of a 2013 law which criminalized the practice. Disproportionately targeted toward Muslim migrant communities, prevention efforts were tasked with making the family relations and marital practices of migrants objects of policy knowledge in the name of care and community empowerment. Through tracing the everyday ways that direct service providers, police, and advocates learned to identify imminent marriages and at-risk individuals, this book reveals how the domain of social welfare becomes the new frontier where the settler colonial state judges good citizenship.

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