Hostile Environments: Policies, Stories, Responses by Erin Goheen Glanville

Hostile Environments: Policies, Stories, Responses is a comparative international research project funded by the British Academy on the structures and effects of hostile environments on displaced people and people seeking asylum. It brings together researchers from the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the US to determine “the degree to which hostile environments constitute a continuous international space” and the ways in which various narratives contribute to or challenge the hostile environment. I contribute to the project as one of three Canadian participants. More info is available at the website for the associated Refugee Tales project.

Research Partners
PI: David Herd
Stephen Collis
Ayendri Ridell
Maurizio Veglio
Matthew Wittle
Lytton Smith
Lidia de Michelis
Lindsay Stonebridge
Nando Sigona
Claudia Gualtieri
Anna Pincus
Lucy Williams
Erol Balkan
Gareth Evans
Ra Page