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Dr. Amira Halperin

Sessional Lecturer

Faculty of Arts


Dr. Halperin is an expert of immigration and media, researching Middle Eastern refugees and asylum seekers for the last 15 years, working from a community-base and using participatory methodology and an interdisciplinary approach. Amira consulted to the British Parliament on migrant communities in United Kingdom.

Her current research focuses on the impact that social media and communication technologies have on the integration of of Middle Eastern refugees to Canada. It explores digital threats, fake news and disinformation. The research draws on interviews with refugees, NGOs and government officials. Her research partners are the cybersecurity company, Cyabra, and Mosaic, one of the largest immigrant settlement organizations in Canada.

Her work includes examination of government policies to better understand how Canada's refugee system operates The aim of the research project is to write recommendations for Canadian and BC Provisional government.

She holds an MA in International Journalism (Broadcast), and PhD in Communication and Media from University of Westminster, United Kingdom. Amira conducted pioneering research on the impact of the new media on the Palestinian community, both in the Middle East and in the Diaspora. In 2018, her book: 'The Use of New Media by the Palestinian Diaspora in the United Kingdom', was published, and has been reviewed as a breakthrough research.

Amira worked as an Investigative Journalist and Television Reporter. The highlight of this route was her work on BBC 'Panorama' – the longest running current affairs program, researching the integration of the Muslim community in Britain.

Dr. Halperin presents her research at international academic conferences, international organizations, and governments. She appears regularly on the media as a commentator.

Teaching Areas:

Migration, Digital Sociology, Media and Communication, International Politics

Other Affiliations:

UBC Migration Research Excellence Cluster

Cluster research groups: Community – University Partnerships and Policy

UBC Expert:

Migration, Refugees' Policy, Journalism, Media, Cybersecurity


Research Topics

Immigrants, Refugees, Integration, Information and Communication Technologies Emerging Media, Digital Media and Journalism, Fake News, Media and Society
Media in the Middle East, Social Media and Conflict, Cybersecurity in the Media

Current Research

Integration of Middle Eastern refugees to Canada through media, information and communication technologies (ICTs).


Halperin, A. The Use of New Media by the Palestinian Diaspora in the United Kingdom. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018.

Available here:

Recent Presentations

The Migration Conference, Bari, Italy. Plenary Session: "Technology and People on the Move", 2019.

International Metropolis Conference, Ottawa, Canada. "Immigrants, Media, and Technology". Workshop Leader, 2019.

Canadian Sociological Association, The Congress, Vancouver, BC. "Communities, Networks, and Relationships in the Internet Age", 2019.

Canadian Communication Association Conference, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Vancouver, BC. "Digital Technology, Culture and Identities", 2019.

UBC Migration Talk, Liu Institute for Global Issues. "Integration of Middle Eastern Migrants to Canada through Media, Information and Communication Technologies", 2019.