The Borders Research Group aims to advance interdisciplinary dialogues about border regimes and the lived experience of borders through reading seminars, speaker events, and written and creative expression. We seek to expand our understanding of the many ways borders can be conceptualized: as physical spaces that monitor, manage, and limit human mobility; as a set of bureaucratic practices and logics; and as historical formations that are deeply entangled with colonialism and empire in all of its forms. We value the work of artists, community leaders, community activists, and advocates in amplifying critical analyses of bordering practices today. Our members’ research spans a range of topics including but not limited to: the securitization of borders, cross-border labour mobility, the mediation of gender and sexuality, the externalization of sovereignty, carceral border regimes, and resistance and political mobilization.

Research Group Members

To learn more about the group, including how to get more involved and join, please contact the Group Coordinator, Helena Zeweri.

Research Areas

Our research is interdisciplinary in focus and includes various Borders migration topics including:

  • Borders and Sovereignty
  • Gender and Migration
  • Refugees and Forced Migration
  • Labour Migration
  • Economics of Migration
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Undocumented Migration and Statelessness
  • Citizenship


Read The Poetics and Politics of Borders: An Archive, a Zine from the Borders Research Group.

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