The Borders research group is focused on border governance with research themes focused on movement across international borders. This includes the securitization of borders, cross-border labour mobility, gendered borders, mobile, imagined, and constructed borders, and sovereignty, territory, and borders.

The goals of this group are two-fold: 1) to advance interdisciplinary understandings of migration laws, processes, and outcomes 2) and to build collaborative networks that enable comparison across disciplines and perspectives.

Research Group Members

To learn more about the group, including how to get more involved and join, please contact the Group Coordinator, Helena Zeweri.

Research Areas

Our research is interdisciplinary in focus and includes various Borders migration topics including:

  • Borders and Sovereignty
  • Gender and Migration
  • Refugees and Forced Migration
  • Labour Migration
  • Economics of Migration
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Undocumented Migration and Statelessness
  • Citizenship

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