The Mobilities working group aims to produce a new line of inquiry within mobility analysis at UBC, addressing mediums and meanings of mobilities and immobilites.

Our approach includes a humanistic, interpretive, multilingual, culturally sensitive scholarship on multiple and intersecting mobilities. We draw on the humanities and social sciences to engage with the attention to mobility in cultural, historical, media, and literary studies of the circulation of humans, objects, ideas, and images.

Research Group Members

To learn more about the group, including how to get more involved and join, please contact the Group Coordinator, Megan Daniels.

Research Areas

Our research is interdisciplinary in focus and includes various Mobilities migration topics including:

  • Climate Migration
  • Gender and Migration
  • Mobility Studies
  • Digital and Media Studies
  • Diasporas and Transnationalism
  • History of Migration

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